Consumer Behavior In Don Delillo's White Noise

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The role of technological advancements in business cannot be taken for granted. The products that an individual buys are informed by various factors need is one of them. Few are the times that people think about their buying behavior and also the impact these behaviors have on the lives. Don DeLillo’s the white noise novel majors on the American consumption culture the novel explores the various consumption behaviors as the characters top get and discerns the meaning of every aspect of human buying and consumption behavior. The characters strive to make of supermarkets and mall s and further explain the various factors that inform human behavior. Don DeLillo further explains the role of the media and modern technology in guiding consumer behavior…show more content…
According to Hummer Katelyn death is inevitable with the increase in the voluminous pollutants and waste from the consumer buying behavior. The environment becomes hazardous and anything and anyone who comes into contact with it is more prone to health crisis and conditions that are most likely causes a crisis in the society. Don describes an event of a poisonous a situation where a poisonous product was released forcing a whole family to evacuate. He also describes how one of the family members died as a result of the hazardous exposure (DeLillo 48). This is just one example of the many causes of what waste can do to both people and their environments. Therefore, continuous dumping of the outdated commodities into the environment with the technological advancement continually impacts the environment negatively (Hummer7). In addition, the media has also played a key role in discouraging g the use of different products and updates on the current trends. With the increase in the pollutants in the environment causes different health hazards and sometimes death. Therefore in order to reduce wastes and the consequent effects on our lives, there must be a change in the consumer buying culture and
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