Consumer Behavior Towards Online Shopping

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The purpose of this study is to understand and evaluate the consumer behaviour towards online shopping ( specially in case of chennai city).
Online shopping behaviour refers to the process of purchasing products or services via the Internet. The process consists of five steps similar to those associated with traditional shopping behaviour (Liang and Lai 2000). consumers use internet for different purposes like searching product features, prices or reviews, selecting the products through online, placing order and making payments and getting delivered that products by different means ( Sinha, 2010). Studying the factors affecting online shopping behaviour of a consumer is one of the most important research in e-commerce during
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To evaluate the factors affecting online shopping behaviour.
To create an awareness about online shopping and make people interested in internet shopping.
To give suggestion for the consumer about online shopping.
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The nature of this study is exploratory and descriptive because both primary and secondary data have been used. Primary data is collected from respondents and secondary data is collected from journals, books and websites.
In this study convenience sampling method is used. The source of the sample is limited to Chennai city. A structured questionnaire was used as the research instrument for this study. This structured questionnaire was prepared on the basis of objectives of the study.
The sample size we take was 30 consumers of online shoppers and the study was conducted in Chennai city. In case of sample size 10 members were male and 20 members were female and the age group is between 18 - above 45.

This study is limited to Chennai city and sample size. Time constraints is also one of the limitation for this
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Best marketing approach to advertise online shopping
Particulars Frequency Percentage
Bill boards 14 46.66
Magazines 2 6.66
News paper 2 6.66
Search engine 11 36.66
Others 1 3.33
Total 30 100
Source: Primary Data
Interpretation: From the above table it is observed that out of 30 respondents 46.66% choose billboards to advertise online marketing, 36.66% choose search engines, 6.66% choose magazines, 6.66% choose newspaper and 1% choose other methods to advertise online shopping.
TABLE VII Preference of online shopping Preference Strongly agree (%) Agree (%) Neither agree
Nor disagree
(%) Disagree (%) Strongly disagree (%)
Attractive Prices 23 67 10 - -
Reliability 3 43 54 - -
Mass variety of Products 33 40 10 17 -
Popularity 20 43 30 7 -
Convenience 30 47 13 10 -
Cost 30 46 17 7

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