Consumer Contract Characteristics

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Question no.1
The main characteristics of consumer contract:
A customer contract is an agreement between two parties a seller and a buyer , in customer contract the seller agrees to supply the buyer with goods or services which are used in person by the buyer , the buyer is considered the last user of the product or service , the customer contract usually involve finished products but they also include raw materials and services .
Features of a customer contract:
OFFER: the will to sell and go in obligation bounding due to the terms and conditions mad by him and should be legal and fair to the other party.
ACCEPTANCE: comes for the other party to whom the offer was made and all the terms and conditions are been communicated to him and he
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CERTAINTY: The conditions and terms of contract must be clear enough for both sides if the contract to be able to work upon it.
Violation of a Consumer Contract
It is an action done by any of the parties such as non performing a part of the agreement or doing his art in a wrong way, if the party did not honor his part of the contract, or it seemed from his performance that he cannot fulfill his part as mentioned in the contract this is considered violation of the contract.
If supplier beaks the customer protection laws mentioned in the contract it leads to hard legal actions depending on the kind of violation, the contract may be canceled or partly rewritten or fully changed. Some of the action can lead to immediate termination of the contract without, and some other actions make the contract able to be terminated by court order, and in this case the party who violated the contract is subject to pay or reimburse for all the loss of the other party.
Question no.1.b
The implied terms in the sale of goods act. 1. S. 12
S. 12 it includes all the sale of good agreements it covers the sale and the place where it was sold either in a shop or another place of
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(2) Any term will be considered not negotiated if it was put in advance so the customer did not have the chance to understand the core of the term.

(3) in spite of the term or the aspect is been negotiated this act will apply to the rest of the contract if the evaluation of the term shows that it was made in advance type of contract.
(4) the seller will be accountable to prove that any term or condition is individauly negotiated. assessment (1) without bayous to the regulation 12, the contract term will be assessed consideration the nature of the goods which the contract was made to and the time of the contract and all the conditions involved in the contract .
2) if the contract was put in an understandable language, the assessment of fairness will not include :-
(a) the main subject of the contract or, (b) the sufficiency of the price or to the adequacy of the price or compensation. Effect of unfair term
1) if the contract includes unfair terms by the customer from the dealer the contract wil not be binding.
(2) The contract can be continued to work if it can do without the unfair

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