Consumer Culture: The Impact Of Culture On Consumer Behavior

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The impact of culture on consumer behaviour
Customer decision-making is highly influenced by culture. On customer choices can affect, among other thing, ecology — the way in which customers adopt systems to their habitat, social structure — politic and domestic groups which are dominant in each customer culture, and ideology — mental characteristic and relations with environment (Solomon, 2013).
Sethna and Blythe (2016) described culture as ' 'shared beliefs, attitudes and behaviours associated with large and distinct group of people. Authors argued that customer culture is defined by religion, language, customs, food, mores, conventions, myths, rituals, rites of passage and sacred consumption. Understanding the customer culture issue is
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Many authors raised the issue of making decisions by clients, when choosing a leisure destination (Elliot, Papadopoulos and Kim, 2010; Nuraeni, Arru and Novani, 2015; Nickerson and Neil Moisey, 1999). Many of articles was based on the influence of the culture of a given place, on the choice of a holiday destination (Richardson and Crompton, 1988; Andersen, Prentice and Guerin, 1997; Ritchie and Zins, 1978); and on the impact of the distance to the destination chosen by customers (Yannopoulos and Rotenberg, 2000; Crompton 1979, Scott, Schewl and Frederick, 1978). Numerous articles described the differences in factors influencing customer decision-making between online platforms and stationary tourist agencies (Cheyne, Downes and Legg, 2006; Ku and Fan, 2009) or articles focused only on the factors affecting the customers choices of stationary travel agencies (Ng, Cassidy and Brown, 2006; Hui and Wan, 2005). Repeatedly, there has been analysed the influence of online user reviews on customer decision-making (Ye, Law and Gu, 2009; Sparks and Browning, 2011). The research was also conducted on the impact of factors on customer decision-making of a tourist agency by customers during the selection of individual packages (Heung and Chu,…show more content…
After analysing the articles describing the subject matter raised in this work, noticeable became a gap in the subject of factors influencing customer decision-making when choosing tourist companies in the UK. How relevant the results of this study may be, underscore the statistics described by Office For National Statistics. ' 'There were 70.8 million visits overseas by UK residents in 2016, an increase of 8% compared with 2015. This is a record figure, and the first time that visits have surpassed the 2006 figure of 69.5 million. In general, visit numbers have increased over time, from 42 million in 1996, although the number of visits fell sharply in 2009 in the wake of the economic downturn. Numbers have increased every year since 2012 ' ' (“Travel Trends 2016 — Office For National

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