Consumer Ethnocentrism Essay

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Customer’s Perception towards Buying Chinese Products: Buying a specific country’s products (e.g. Chinese products) sometime depends on ethnocentrism. As Klein, Ettenson and Morris have mentioned in their research, “Ethnocentrism is a part of attitude that a consumer possess” [19]. Therefore, if Chinese people buy its own manufactured products even though it is not as good as other country’s one, this is called ethnocentrism. In the context of China, Shimp and Sharma stated ethnocentrism as “the beliefs held by specific country’s consumers like Chinese consumers about the appropriateness, as well as an understanding of what purchase behavior is acceptable or unacceptable for China in regard to products produced outside the country” . Many researchers in recent years were focusing on the outcomes of consumer ethnocentrism and the related issues. They found, ethnocentrism, the country of origin and country image have an important role on buying behavior . Besides, most studies focused ethnocentrism models in different countries as well

Nowadays, consumer ethnocentrism is becoming a major part of the product bundle. Besides, consumer ethnocentrism also can be explained as a reluctance to buy foreign products. According to Verlegh and Steenkamp, consumer ethnocentrism influences the buying behavior where issues are concerned to the perceived quality of domestic products. However, there are few related factors that influence the consumers’ perception of country of image. There

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