Consumer Expectations In The Beauty Industry

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Consumer Expectations
Many magazine ads and television commercials for fashion and beauty products present idealized images of the human body. Savvy consumers have learned to look beyond the luxuriant hair, perfect skin, and toned physiques being advertised and see the hair extensions, airbrushing, and photo manipulation behind it all. Yet, we still put pressure on the beauty industry to deliver positive results.

According to’s 2010 Beauty Study, beauty products are considered a necessity, with more than two-thirds of respondents willing to purchase products even while watching their budgets.

“Consumers expect — or hope — the products will make them look better than they did without the products,” Amans says. “And, if they are lucky, maybe these products will make them more appealing like some of the models who advertise the products. The economy will not change that basic human emotion.”

People not only expect to look good, but feel good too. Cosmeceuticals, a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, improve appearance by delivering nutrients necessary for healthy skin. The cosmeceuticals segment of the personal care industry is growing at a fast rate, with consumers scampering for products described as “anti-aging,” “organic,” and “natural.”

“Advertisers use those buzzwords to appeal to a wider range of consumers and to market to new generations,” Salardi states. “They are trying to promote the product and position the product in the current marketplace

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