Consumer Impact On Cosmetics

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The world has presently entered the modern era of business, where competition has become key source of survival. To compete and survive, business has to be innovative, creative and resourceful in every activity they carry. Advertisement is a particular area where they need to strive well in order to attract the eyes of the consumers for the smooth flow of the products in the market. Advertisement has greatly influenced the mind of consumer’s to buy cosmetics, electronic products and in buying foods. Consumers are drastically influenced to buy cosmetics by the impact of advertisement. There are other factors that influence the consumers to choose cosmetics brand such as family, peer group and work place. However, advertisement is one of the…show more content…
In the modern world of business marketers advertise their electronic products with different method to attract the consumers. Therefore, consumers are currently using electronic products because of the influence of the advertisement on electronic products which makes their work quick and easy. Advertisement has greatly influence the consumers to buy electronic products and the house wives who use to wash cloths by hand are now using washing machines (Nair, 2006). Furthermore, in the modern world consumers are constantly busy with different social medias such as Twitter, Facebook, television, internet, email, magazines, newspaper and radio. Consumer gets information’s from all those social medias and the advertisement on those social medias had influence the consumers to buy the electronic products. Research technologies found that 67% of consumers are likely to buy electronic products after they follow the brand on Twitter and Facebook (Bailey, 2010). The world’s mobile subscribers are increasing because of the advertisement from different Medias influence consumers to buy the mobile phones. Advertisement attracts consumer by proving information and advantages of mobile phone in today’s world. So people belief on advertisement and they go for buying mobile cellulars. In 2007 the 77% of world’s population were mobile subscriber and it is rapidly increased to 90% in 2010 because of the advertisement on mobile phone (Sung & Cho, 2012). So, after seeing changes of mobile subscriber in the world the advertisement had strongly influenced to buy mobile devices within a short period of time as the advertisement provide positive information of mobile
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