Consumer Perception In Advertising

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Newspapers, magazines, radio, T.V and an Internet are really significant source of communication in today’s world. Different types of advertising appeals are used by companies to encourage individuals to buy their products. The most vital element that describes prospective customer who purchases a particular product or service is advertising message. Consumer brand perception depends upon the information they seek for a particular product most probably through the advertisements. Advertisement acts as a stimulus for consumers and they react by buying or not buying the product.
Advertising is supposed to create a positive and strong relationship between consumers and advertisers. Consumers are informed about the features, quality, availability and affordability of products and when such products are similar it is obvious that the advertisement include an appeal which based on emotional intangibles through effective brand message.
Advertisement is now crucial part of producing a brand position in market as well as in consumers mind. The main purpose of this research is to identify the effects on consumers perception related to brands that are advertised through different advertising appeals.
Definitions of Advertisement:
1. Today, advertising has a
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As stated by Nam-Hyun Um (2008), “Advertising appeals can be classified as emotional or rational, based on messages in the given context”. Then these two broad appeals are further classified into music, humor, fear, sex, romantic, statistic, comparison, adventure, and band wagon appeals etc. A feeling of social approval, respect, excitement, and fear and guilt is stimulated the target audience in Emotional Appeals. Emotional appeal is linked up to an individual’s right brain thinking, where individual is prompt to satisfy his psychological needs through the advertised
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