Consumer Perception In Advertising

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Newspapers, magazines, radio, T.V and an Internet are really significant source of communication in today’s world. Different types of advertising appeals are used by companies to encourage individuals to buy their products. The most vital element that describes prospective customer who purchases a particular product or service is advertising message. Consumer brand perception depends upon the information they seek for a particular product most probably through the advertisements. Advertisement acts as a stimulus for consumers and they react by buying or not buying the product.
Advertising is supposed to create a positive and strong relationship between consumers and advertisers. Consumers are informed about the features,
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The companies show advertisements of their products to influence consumers towards a brand. Consumer perception of a brand can be in positive or in negative that depends upon the type of advertising appeal used. Most companies choose an emotional appeal in their ad to aim the emotional aspects of consumers like some occasions, family lifestyle, relationships, social gathering etc. Advertisements agencies are more mature and responsible towards society. They now create quality and practical ads and that shows the brand maturity and status.
This research may further be followed by students because this is a very vast topic and can be continue in future studies as a source of information. Students can contribute in this research by investigating on other topics related to advertisements effects on consumers.
Here are some recommendations for the advertisements to be more attractive.
Offer the best up-to-date product or service.
Use simple way to communicate a message in advertisement.
Avoid any subliminal message in an

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