Consumer Protection Act 1986 Summary

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CHAPTER II - Salient Features and key provisions of the act 2.1 AN OVERVIEW Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is an irresistible piece of social benefit legislation. It has championed the cause of common man by opening new vistas of relief not available to him thereto. It has helped the consumer in many ways, viz, i. Breaking the barriers of caveat emptor, privity of contract/locus standi etc; ii. Simplifying the procedures for seeking remedy and bringing justice to the doorsteps of a common man; iii. Reducing time and cost in litigation considerably; iv. Bringing about a sense of consumer oriented conduct and a sense of public accountability in public utility services and other state run agencies. The Act has aroused a lot of public…show more content…
In any progressive society, the business community has to behave sensibly keeping in mind the social responsibility of business. In this connection state has a pivotal role in striking a balance between the conflicting interests of business and public welfare. Infact business is a part of society and it cannot grow in isolation. Even a businessman is a consumer in a broad sense and hence the Consumer Protection Act, is meant for all one way or the other. It is pertinent to mention that Ralph Nader, the father of Consumer Movement in the World, Has suggested that every citizen is a consumer, although for legislative purposes the term consumer has been given a restricted meaning. It is relevant to examine various meanings attached to word…show more content…
In the Statement of Objects and Reasons, it is said that the Act seeks to provide speedy and simple redresser to consumer disputes. Quasi-juidicial machinery is sought to be set up at the District, State and Central levels. These quasi-judicial bodies observe the principles of natural justice and have been empowered to give relief of a specific nature and to ward, wherever appropriate, compensation to

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