Consumer Satisfaction Theory

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Theories, Ideas, Researches and opinions, that are related and significant to the level of satisfaction of Junior High School Students on the Activities offered by the school are to be discussed in this chapter to provide a good foundation for this research.

According to Selby Markham and Dianne Hagan, Satisfaction is defined as being a consequence of the expectations and experiences of the subject and/or course. Satisfaction is the contentment of an individual to a place, activity, and etc. It is widely believed for its “cause and effect” relationship.() . If the performance/quality of an object has reached or exceeded the expectations of an individual, it often results to a high-rating of satisfaction. However, if the performance/quality
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This theory considers the satisfaction as a function of the extent to which students’ expectations about the university are met with positive confirmations of expectations leading to higher levels of satisfaction(Churchill & Suprenant,1982)

The Researchers chose the third theory as a main theory to use for it suits the research paper very well. The third theory is the best theory to use in getting satisfaction on the activities offered by the school for it is more focused on the expectation of the student and the perception of the student that would give the researchers information about the level of satisfaction.

Satisfaction is an important thing to monitor for it gives the quality of a certain activity. According to WeirsJenssen, Stensaker and Grogaard(2002), Assessing student satisfaction provides a way that universities can focus directly on issues of quality development in order to ensure that educational standards are high. This measures of student satisfaction also assist in identifying and implementing areas for
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When getting satisfaction ratings, you are able to collect information on the quality of your activity. By doing this, you are able to “prioritize weaknesses and discover strengths”() in an activity.

Student satisfaction doesn’t only affect the activity but it affects the institution. Student satisfaction isn’t only a guide for the institution but also for the student as well. If a student is not satisfied on an activity, a chance is shown that this student might scout another school to get the satisfaction they need.

Satisfaction is a variable to many things and has many variables itself. The decisions of a student of a choice of school may be influence by satisfaction. Satisfaction itself can be influenced by the contentment of an individual. Satisfaction is an important role in quality check of education. It can be a guide or a warning to any product or

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