Consumerism And Consumerism

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Consumerism is known as an era that was characterized by massive buying and consumption of goods. It was caused by the enormous production and increased products in the market. In the USA, consumerism was experienced in the 20th century. Technological advancement enabled massive production making the supply exceed the demand in the market ( Adas, 2010). The Americans were eager to try out new things hence boosted the supply of the goods. With this, the advertising firms were positively benefitted. They always insisted on comfort and luxury while marketing to attract more Americans. The commonly used methods used to advertise were radio and television. However, companies started adopting the use of catalogs which became famous. The catalog usually contained many items from which the consumer would choose. Also, to woe consumers, credit facilities were introduced to enable families to buy bulky goods.
The Progressive movement was reform based and insisted on political, economic and social concerns brought about by industrial Revolution (VCU libraries, 2018). The campaign that was supported by scholars and social reformers emphasized on improved services to the rural people who could not afford the same services offered to the urban population. However, the movement collapsed due to experiences in the country at that time. First, the political climate of the nation left the movement divided. The Republican Party was divided and made the reformers to take sides. Some would pick

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