Consumerism Case Study

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It is wrong to think that business is incompatible with ethics. I know that it is perfectly possible to carry one’s business profitably and yet honestly and truthfully. The plea that business and ethics never agree is only advanced by those who are actuated by nothing higher than narrow self-interest. He who will serve his own ends will do so by all kinds of questionable means, but he who will earn to serve the community will never sacrifice truth or honesty.You must bear in the mind that you have the right to earn as much as you like.Anything that remains after the needs of a decent living are satisfied,belongs to the community. -MAHATMA GANDHI INTRODUCTION The concept of 'Consumer Protection' centres around the problems of buyers in the…show more content…
Consumer awareness is low due to the apathy and lack of education among the masses. No one has told them about their rights – to be informed about product quality, price, protection against unsafe products, access to variety of goods at competitive prices, consumer education etc. What consumerism lacks here is education and information resources, testing facilities,competent leadership, price control mechanism, and adequate quasijudicial machinery. The providers of goods and services have been reluctant to give due consideration to consumer interest protection. In present situation, consumer protection, though as old as consumer exploitation, has assumed greater importance and relevance. Consumerism is a recent and universal phenomenon. It is a social movement. Consumerism is all about protection of the interests of the…show more content…
In a vast country like India, it is very difficult to organize the consumers. Thepeople besides being backward have linguistic, cultural and religious difference which makes the problems quiet intricate or complex. 2. Majority of our population is illiterate ,uneducated,ignorant and ill-formed. 3. Poverty, lack of social awareness,accepting life as it is and passive outlook are some of the factors which makes consumer movement difficult to increase. 4. There may be a positive common objective for the consumers except their desire for safe quality products, for reasonable price and a feeling of strong negative reactions against the products. In wake of large scale production and the variety and choice conferred on the consumers, a consumer needs guidance which can only be appropriately provided by a consumer organization. 5. The advertisement bombarded on the consumers make them quite confused and hence again a need for consumer guidance. THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT

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