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Every day, we see examples of how the US influences the world and it is not surprising. Since they have lots of power, weapons and with that, many resources to intimidate other countries, which is what we know as armed peace. But if they are that powerful, why are they so scared of themselves? 9 out of 10 people own guns in the US, and the rate of deaths by firearms is 31.731 per year. This uncontrolled violence and excessive weapon ownership is the main topic of ’Bowling for Columbine’, a documentary film directed by Michael Moore, a filmmaker, journalist and political activist, raised in a working-class community in Flint, Michigan. He is best known for his critics to globalization, large corporations and capitalism, among others. Taking…show more content…
But the most unbelievable answer, that many people gave, was Marilyn Manson. Said this, Moore went and talked to him directly, Marilyn had another point of view, he said: "The President is shooting bombs overseas, yet I am a bad guy because I, well I sing some rock-and-roll songs, and who is a bigger influence, the President or Marilyn Manson? I would like to think me, but I am going to go with the President". In our opinion, the correct answer is society itself. The kids who attacked Columbine High School, suffered from bullying at a younger age and were both attending to a psychiatrist. Now, why would a kid bully another who could actually be his friend? Because they are afraid of not being accepted by the rest, so they get this need to, at least, be ‘better’ than someone else at anything, instead of just living life carefree. But this is mainly because of the prejudice, and the shallowness of society. Helped by advertising and television, they have put in our heads these ideas of beauty and evil, terrorizing us with horrible crimes and making us buy things we do not need in order to be ‘greater’ than

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