Consumerism In Chuck Palahniuk's 'Fight Club'

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Intorsura Otilia Alexandra Russian-English, Year III Fight Club -the movie vs. the book- Fight Club is a novel published by Chuck Palahniuk, and it deals with violence, chaos, consumerism and death. Fight Club is the story of an unknown narrator, who suffers from insomnia. Because he can’t find any medical reason for his condition, he is advised by his doctor to go to a support group. He finds release in the suffering of other, and so he cures in an unusual way his disease, but this soon stops, when he meets at one of this meetings Marla. He then meets Tyler Durden, a mysterious man, who will change the narrator life drastically. He was an ordinary man, who hated his job, and ultimately his life, and his impulse to buy unnecessary things. Now, he forgets all about this, moves in with Tyler, starts a fight club with him, which draws more and more members, men that resemble with their personality. They established a set of rules, from which the first two are widely known: “The first rule about fight club is you don 't talk about fight club.[…] The second rule about fight club is you don 't talk about fight club.” In time, the fight club gains popularity nationwide, and Tyler uses it to make his ideas about consumerism and modern civilization popular. Eventually they form “Project Mayhem”, an organization that resembles with a cult, which set as their aim to

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