Difference Between Telemedicine And Consumerism

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Shellon Hall Grand Canyon University: 317V 2-25-2018 Telemedicine and Consumerism Health Care consumerism is defined as “transforming an employer’s health benefits plan into one that puts economic purchasing power and decision making in the hands of participants,” Consumerism influence in business can not be underestimated. It’s the very cornerstone of supply and demand. America’s economy fundamental building blocks is capitalism. Insurance companies are in chaos, insurance coverage have been going through considerable changes. Patients…show more content…
The paradigm of value -based care strives to make health care more responsive and convenient to each patient. Currently, health care system is fragmented with some value focused delivery options. As, time progress health care systems are transcending beyond the traditional methods of healthcare practice. In the coming years health care will witness a widespread adoption of new methods such as remote monitoring, patients becoming more engaged, and delivering health care on the go. Telemedicine, mhealth, wearable technology are revolutionary innovations that have the potential of taking over the health care world. Research experts predict that by 2030 there will be healthcare delivery teams that will be extremely different from today. Due to population management and advances towards a more value-based care, health care teams will take up a multidisciplinary role. Currently, now to some extent health care delivery has already started to make certain changes. A more localized and personal paradigm of care for all…show more content…
Small hospitals incur expensive cost due to not having a hospitalist on staff and patients may have to be transferred to larger hospital facilities that have better on staff capabilities. Creating unnecessary health risks and high costs. Telemedicine cuts these costs and decreased patient risks. Telemedicine leads the way to improve healthcare resources it creates improved ways to provide quality healthcare. Telemedicine has been known to help patients in the middle of the night. For, example parents may find it hard to assess if their young child needs immediate attention from a doctor or if it can wait until the next day. In, most cases parents will take their child to the emergency room to find out that it was a minor fever that could’ve been treated with Motrin. This leads to high insurance deductibles and out of pocket expenses that could have been avoided. Telemedicine would help in that scenario, but overall telemedicine helps by having a virtual consultation that would take place within minutes and at any time of the day three hundred sixty-five days a year patient has asses to telemedicine. This is a great benefit for patients and especially parents taking care of small children that may need a quick convenient expert advice telemedicine is the new way to go. A telemedicine doctor would most likely be able to provide immediate treatment and a prescription if warranted. Which can

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