Consumerism In The 1920s

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New Consumer Lifestyle

The rise of the economy America in the 1920s resulted to American Consumerism. This is because it was in era that a lot of discoveries are found and inventions are made which led to the thriving businesses in the United States (Business and Economy, 2012). This period is also known as the Roaring Twenties. Because of the many discoveries and inventions, there has been a massive use of automobiles, telephones, motion pictures and electricity which contributed to the increased demand of the consumer. This later on resulted to deliberate changes in lifestyle and culture in the U.S. The popular culture in the 1920s was characterized by various factors. With the growth of Hollywood, the movie industry advanced and many movies
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Because of the rising demands from the consumer, there has been a need to expand the markets for consumption in order to increase production. Ironically, this led to squandering, self-indulgence which is contrary to the values of being able to maintain an orderly and regulated work. On the other hand, advertising the motion pictures contribute to consumer culture because it is through this market communication that producers endorse their products. It was the very aim of the advertisers to redefine the needs of the people and they even encouraged them they can offer them solutions of their wants instead of the people identifying and solving their own problems. It cannot be denied that advertising does not only sure the employees and stakeholders that the company is performing well. Advertising is also important to the consumers because people when they buy, weigh the cost and benefit of the product they are about to use. Furthermore, it increases the consumers’ awareness whether the product is available in the market or not. It is already expected that if a product is not advertised, it will not become popular to the consumers, and consumers will not buy a product if they have not heard not tiny information about it. It is through advertising that consumers are able to choose the product for them and their…show more content…
As a matter of fact, the Western culture has influenced other cultures. Because of the advancement of technology, it is now easier to pass information from one country to another. Whatever genre of music it may be, or the literatures written by renowned writers, the fashion of different designers, the advancement of movies brought about by technology—all of these become accessible because of the internet. The significant change brought about by the Roaring Twenties made a great impact in the 21st century. Whether it is of the products that are advertised, the movies that are produced, or the music and songs are composed, the new consumer lifestyle has changed traditional values and it resulted to more leisure time of those who specially ask for
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