American Cult Of Consumerism

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Let's start off with decadence which is indulging in a luxury. It is what consumers in America seek more than almost anything else. Why do consumers want things that simply do not fit within their budget? They are willing to go nearly bankrupt just for a materialistic item. The general issue in America is that we spend too much money on things we can't actually afford. But all that matters to consumers is that the public thinks that they can. Consumerism is self-destructive because consumers allow advertisements, materialism and shopping habits control their lives and income.
Advertisements are in more control than we realize. As a community, we believe that we purchase items because we want them. But in reality, advertisement companies create
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When people purchase items, they tend to buy them on credit or purchase things that aren't within their budget. In an article titled "The American Cult of Consumerism" by Tirdad Derakhshani, he mentions that, "Perhaps what's most dismaying is that so many consumers have become sophisticated enough to know they are manipulated, yet choose to remain passive." (2). It is clear that consumers are realizing what their shopping habits are like. They ignore the fact that they're jeopardizing their bank account for minor things. It is common in the United States to purchase luxurious products on the regular. These types of habits can cause serious damage to one's income. Derakhshani also wrote, "Today, the country's economic health is measured more according to how much we are willing to spend, our consumer confidence, and less in how much we produce, the gross national product, or even how we invest." (2). Basically, our country is more concerned with how much we're spending rather than creating and saving. It's disappointing to learn that those are the aspects that are being measured. Although the main concern is profit for companies to excel, the other factors should still be measured equally. Another quote by Derakhshani claims that, "A consumer economy only works if consumption of goods provides only temporary pleasure. That is, if happiness is infinitely deferred, so that buyers continue to buy more and more goods and services. By definition, the consumer can never be satisfied, at rest or happy." (2). If products satisfied us eternally, there would be no need to buy that again or anything else. If the consumer purchases something that provides a temporary happiness they are likely to continue purchasing to keep this pleasure afloat. This is more beneficial to those that fall under the top of the social hierarchy and less to those who fall under the lower part of the

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