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Movies are not just the source for an entertainment they are also helpful for knowledge and research. There are many movies where they portrayed the real life scenario into the reel life, which is very informative to the human society. The movie “Contagion” is a medical thriller directed by famous director Steven Soderbergh. The movie is based on the active breakthrough of a destructive airborne virus which is known as Meningoencephalitis Virus One (MEV-1), as the spread of the disease grows rapidly the medical research group and the government finds ways to cure and rule out the deadly outbreak by removing horror in the society and ultimately developing a vaccine to stop the spread. The movie is encouraged from a real life event of a deadly …show more content…

For instance if we see the Homeland security and CDC are unable to declare the disease first where their policy was that no one knows until everyone knows about the disease. In consequence the people knew about the disease from some unreliable sources such as the “Truth Serum Now”. If the disease has been announced by the government authorities earlier the people might not have created havoc and must have known about the disease from a reliable source and must get rid of the infected drug “Forsythia” which was exhibit by the blogger to gain money. In addition to this there is also another weak spot identified in the movie where the health official works in addressing an international emergency. In this movie there is only one senior CDC officer, one field officer and two scientist who took all the responsibility to respond the deadly MEV-1, Where as in a real life pandemic the CDC might have interacted with some other federal agencies, local, state and other agencies. The other aspect the government official should look into is about the more suggestion and recommendation by different research facilities that are managed privately. Even if there are different policies by different state health department to meet the local people the federal health policies should implement rules urgently in an

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