Hiv Virus Theory

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There are five origin theories of the human immunodeficiency virus, each of these origins has a relation to do with the first state of HIV known as simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). The most commonly accepted theory is the ‘Hunters’ Theory where the SIV was transferred to the human hunters when they hunted chimpanzees for their flesh as food and consumed the virus, also when the chimpanzee’s diseased blood came in contact with the hunters opened wounds it adapted by becoming HIV in the human’s body making the human its new host. Diseases that are transferred from animals to humans are known as the term ‘Zoonosis’. The Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) Theory a theory where the SIV-contaminated polio vaccine was given to Africans as an uncontaminated vaccine not knowing it was holding the SIV…show more content…
The virus transferred from the primates to the human had to evolve or change in a way it can cope with the human qualities of the body. It was simple to change from SIV to HIV to be capable of being in its human host, but undergoing mutation was a big leap for the HIV evolution status. The drugs that were first thought to be the solution for this disease was actually its enhancer. This case of mutation made the virus inseparable from its host leaving the entire human population affected by its evolution mechanism that will cause chaos to the human world, whereas a collapse within the human population will execute existence of one human species and make presence of two. The best hope the human population can do is reduce the rate of HIV infections is the development of a positive vaccine for this terrible illness and educational ways can assist with the lessening of HIV infections. The human immunodeficiency virus has proven to be a fatal

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