Contaminated Water Documentary Analysis

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This documentary opened my eyes to many of the things that occur in my own country. I knew that politicians were looking for a way to use the resources that we have here in our own country instead of having to buy them from others, but I would have thought they would have done it while in the best interest of the people. Before watching this documentary, I was not familiar with natural gas or any of the processes that it takes to make it. I just knew that it was an efficient energy source. With any resource that we remove from the earth, we risk hurting people and many other things in the process. Hearing that these people were having to live off of contaminated water due to the chemicals that were inappropriately disposed was no surprise…show more content…
I feel as if there is always an issue in agreements where a company reaches out to people wanting to pay them to use their property. For example, when the government wants to build roads on a person’s property, they will often buy it from them. Yet when the person does not want to sell, they find a way to take it from you. Having this thought in mind, I assumed that the company would have found a way around him turning down their offer. The company would have also settled the agreement before they begin fracking and would probably state that they are not responsible because they would have already paid to use the lands. From watching this documentary, I believe that there should be another way to make natural gas that does not harm people. I find it awful that companies have found a way around the government to create these policies that permit them to run a business that no one knows what the effects of it are. During the documentary, I neglected to realize that there was a lot of propaganda present in the film and seeing this side made me very interested in seeing FrackNation so that I could make an informed opinion about how I feel about fracking in our
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