Contemporary Approach To Project Management Essay

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Assignment 5: Planning and Developing your Essay

Contemporary Approach to Project Management Constraints in the Nigerian Construction Industry

Keywords: Construction, Project Management, Project Constraints, and Nigeria.

Project management can be defined as applying the correct tools, skills, knowledge and techniques to project events so as to meet project objectives on time and within budget without compromising on the desired quality PMI, (2015). Project management can also be defined as meeting the project objectives irrespective of the constraints faced by the project Chiu, (2010). Oisen, R. (1971) tried to define project management in the 1900’s. According to him,
Project Management is made effective when you focus the use of various resources toward the
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and David, C. (2004), in the past, most functional organizations attempted to ease the impact of these business constraints by embarking on massive cost reduction schemes. The usual results of these schemes have been early retirements, layoffs and ultimately, a reduction in skilled and competent manpower. As jobs become vacant, executives in construction industries pressure line managers to accomplish the same amount of work, attain the same quality using fewer resources and within the stipulated time frame Femi, O. (2015). Unlike functional organizations, projectized organizations like most construction industries in Nigeria require method statements, procedures and set skills. Strategies like improving efficiency, increasing working hours and upgrading performance requirements to a higher position on the learning curve might not work because of the nature of the industry. Because employee training, overtime and bonus compensation costs are more inflationary than the cost of equipment or facilities, construction executives are funding more and more capital equipment projects in an attempt to increase or improve productivity with equipments without increasing
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