Examples Of Postmodernism

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We live in a world today, where technology precedes everything. Whether it’s in our everyday lives, if we compare the past to the present, we could defiantly come up with a lot of changes that have occurred through the past years and decades. Those changes include, changes in Art, architecture, politics, philosophy and so forth. Postmodernism for example, is an idea that shows up in a wide mixture of orders and zones of study, including craftsmanship, building design, music, film, writing, humanism, correspondences, style, and engineering.(“Arts and culture” 510). It's difficult to find it temporally or historically, depending on the fact that it’s not clearly precise when it all started. It usually questions and rejects tradition because it…show more content…
To understand contemporary art, one should consider or understand how artists of the modern times work, what they refer to in their arts work, and so on. A change of art from the past to “modern art” was visible after World war 2, basically in the 1960’s. Although contemporary artists refer to art of the past, it is not always accepted. Most contemporary artists reject the styles of art that came before them, they instead introduce new ways , and styles of creating what is called “Modern art.” With all the new ideas an styles of art created, it still has relation with previous and past pieces of art. For instance, in the 20th century artists deiced to move from realistic presentations of human figures to abstract ones. Those artists used the term “Abstract expressionism”, a term that still influences artists living today. There is no specific definition to describe this term , except that it is art of the modern times. It is usually very abstract, in terms of colors and understanding, it sometimes relies on personal experience of the artists. Those artists choose from a wide range of styles, techniques, sources and material to create their art , and this is what makes is very abstract. For example John Baldessari created a piece in 2000 , specimen , by being inspired by a pervious work of the past by the famous artists Albrecht Dürer. In 1505…show more content…
New buildings and homes usually have an irregular shape in their structure , they usually also have an open floorplan , large windows , and a lot of greenery. Such homes also frequently have a natural outline, fitting it into the surrounding space and assembling a quick need in the range. Contemporary architecture like contemporary art , although being very new and modern , it tends to take styles and ideas from old buildings and reuse them in new ways to create something special. This means redesign of the interior and exterior to have a new outcome, but with usually an old foundation. contemporary architects usually rely critically on computer aided design to have good artistic and efficient results. For instance, a Canadian American architect named Frank Gehry , designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, which is a great example of contemporary modern architecture. It was established around 1997 on October 18th. This design is considered as very bold and innovative, it is different. The style of building falls under the Deconstructivism architectural movement, which began in the 1980’s. It was also known as the masterpiece of the 20th century, an architect named Philip Johnson said that this building was “the greatest building of our
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