Contemporary Art In The Philippines

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I. Introduction Yes, we all know that art has been a staple thing in our world since the dawn of time. Art truly flourished during the Renaissance period, artists such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Donatello, etc. embossed art into the world. Art has evolved since then from the Renaissance to Neoclassicism period, to the Romanticism period, to Modern art, to Contemporary art; Contemporary art being the art era we live in today. Art is a language spoken around the world, and here this term paper focuses on Philippine art. The Philippines has a long history when it comes to art. According to the Wikipedia “Artistic paintings were introduced to the Filipinos in the 16th century when the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines. During this time, the Spaniards used paintings as religious propaganda to spread Catholicism throughout the Philippines. These paintings, appearing mostly on church walls, featured religious figures appearing in Catholic teachings. Due to the Church 's supervision of Filipino art and Spanish occupation of the Philippines, the purpose of most paintings from the 16th-19th century were to aid the Catholic Church.” Since then, the art in the Philippines has evolved and has taken on Contemporary art. But how does art work in the Philippines now? In the Philippines most of the business tycoons and prominent people are art collectors from the likes of billionaire Henry Sy, Metrobank’s George SK Ty, Senator Manny Villar, Solaire’s Enrique Razon among others. In the

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