Contemporary Art Vs Modern Art

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Modern art is usually seen as the first time in which artists challenged traditions and put on the side conventions. Contemporary art adopts this notion and relates it to issues of global warming, politics, social justice, and technology that are occurring in the world right now. Thus, a contemporary is someone who is very conscious about what goes on and tries to make artworks that recount these events from the artist own perspective, who is –usually- not bound to traditions, not only for museums and galleries, but also for temporary pop-up exhibitions, biennales, streets and other unconventional places exemplary of the contemporary world. The two more representative of art period we are living right now are unconventional places such as abandoned production factories and biennales, because of indeed their temporariness, from which follows a need for something that relates to the “now” that will excite or simply provoke strong feelings in visitors. It seemed like after Pollock nothing else could be done, it seemed as if he had come up with the last new invention and the art world was now saturated. To think about art in these terms is quite depressing. Yet we still managed to create more innovative art. The same way modern art was truly and deeply influenced by the innovations of the Industrial Revolution, which profoundly also affected culture and the socio-economical situation, the contemporary world is very much influenced by 3D printers, graphic design computer

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