Contemporary Dance Analysis

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Contemporary, it’s a style of dance that incorporates both classical ballets along with modern dance. At first, a choreographer with the name of Merce Cunningham approach the idea of modern dance, that had been vague, and abstract; and decided he wanted to incorporate ballet leg work rather than focusing on modern techniques that were largely influenced by torso movements. Henceforth, in many of his pieces throughout the years, Cunningham’s dances grew further and further away from traditional modern dance, as his movements no longer relayed on the uprising climax of the dance, rather on creative freedom of the choreographer and the freedom of narrative set forth by the dance. Moreover, Merce Cunningham’s work largely influenced a choreographer…show more content…
With the performance, there may also be techniques presented from former influencers on this dance style, like Graham’s or even Horton’s techniques. Furthermore, in order for contemporary dancers to become ready to perform, their training would consist of contemporary dance techniques as well as non-dance related practices such as yoga. Contemporary is a dance style that is very flexible, allowing dances to be built on different genres of music along with practice several different techniques, depending on the dancers philosophy of the genre. Being so open to different styles as well as different practices there is no specific social circle that embraces contemporary as the dance genre, although it is an accepted style of dance, the 21st century has not specifically placed contemporary in the specific dance genre of itself. Rather throughout the years, contemporary is constantly being tweaked and/or added to from jazz to different types of…show more content…
New Orleans contributed largely to the growth of jazz as a dance style; during the beginning of 1930s to the late 1960s, jazz dance was transformed from a communication dance to one that had been theatre based, requiring trained dancers to take part. During this time many carry out the first experiment with the jazz dance style, ultimately influencing it greatly by including both Caribbean and other Latin American dance styles through it. Today jazz is a very recognize dance style all around the world, incorporating and branching out into different genres of its owned, from burlesque to modern
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