Contemporary Forms Of Bullying Essay

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Bullying: a contemporary form of violence and its influences in the early development of individuals

Throughout the centuries bullying has been a disturbing matter; however, it has been officially recognized from the 18th century and on by capturing people’s attention on a more escalated level. In 1970’s a Norwegian professor of research in psychology, Dr. Dan Olweus, identified more closely this phenomenon by conducting a study with students and thus this matter became even more public. Bullying can be defined as a conscious, aggressive, hostile and repeated behavior which can take a variety of forms such as emotional, verbal, physical etc. ora more concrete definition can be “…behaviour that is: repeated, intended to hurt someone either physically or emotionally, often aimed at certain groups, eg because of race, religion, gender or sexual
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All those forms vary in the way they are projected to the intimidated people. By verbally bullying a person the intimidators incorporate words and attempt to distress the victim by taunting and teasing. In most cases verbal bullying focuses on specific characteristics of the person like the appearance, skin color, ethnicity etc. Physical bullying involves harmful actions towards the intimidated person by hitting, fighting, biting etc. and its main cause is to appear superior or gain control over the victim. It is mostly encountered in academic premises. The third type of bullying tends to humiliate the other person by name calling, excluding the victim from social groups or make the other feel bad about one’s self etc., and its effects are unconsciously crucial to the development of the

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