Contemporary Fashion Marketing Trends

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Outline 2 contemporary fashion marketing trends that will be influential over the next 5 years in the global fashion industry.

• Why you consider these fashion marketing trends to be important? • What are the challenges for fashion marketing in the future? • What impact will these have on international business growth?


As the world progresses at a swift pace with technology advancements and globalization on the rise, reports have shown that consumer experience, personalization and keeping up with technology is key to stay relevant in the fashion industry.

Below I identified two contemporary fashion marketing trends that will be influential over the next 5 years.

Customer Experience Model – Why is it important?

"Customer value from the customer-dominant logic perspective of services emphasise the need to move away from the service-dominant perspective and adopt a customer-based approach that considers value within the broader context of a customer 's life world" • Tynan, C.; McKechnie, S.; Hartley, S. (2014). "Interpreting value in the customer service experience using customer-dominant logic". Journal of Marketing Management. 30 (9–10): 1058–1081.

Customer experience is all about the outcome of an interaction between a brand and its
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Retailers, fashion artisans, brands, are coming to terms with the widespread audience they can reach out by adopting online platforms therefore expanding their network significantly throughout the masses. The cliche of each individual designer being unique is a fair statement factoring all the time and effort spent to develop fresh ideas and motifs, ultimately for the world. However, more often than not, these people are not looking to showcase their works or expertise but rather to collect constructive feedback from the general

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