Contemporary Issues In Hospitality Industry Essay

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Contemporary issues in Hospitality Marketing
In every industry, no matter how successful it is there is always some issues that are distracting us in developing. The Hospitality industry has confronted many challenges and issues in the past. Many hotel chains are successful globally, and that puts this industry at the center of globalization. Considering that globe is changing very fast, the hotel industries must come up with ways to address these changes. Globalization is a key issue for the hospitality industry. When hotel group is deciding to open a new property in other country, they must change their products and services in order to adapt and attract locals and tourists. “Think global and act local” is a strategy for every hotel which decide to be international.
The big impact is on economics too.
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It can be a big risk for big or small hotel and that is the reason why hotels have to adapt if is necessary. Before even deciding to open in a new country we have to be aware of law and what is forbidden by the religion.
Customer Expectations
The world got much improved in hospitality industry and now guests are demanding the excellent and quality service anywhere and anytime they are. Customer Satisfaction is one of the most critical aspects in hospitality business and needs to be improved and exalted at all times. If they are satisfied with the service they paid, guests would likely come back again. But if not, they could never come back, just because of one bad experience.
“Customer loyalty is based on customer satisfaction during a previous interaction leading to a positive attitude resulting to preference for the brand.”
Hotel manager have to make sure that guests will get the great treatment and service from the moment they come to hotel until the last minute of their check

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