Contemporary Issues In IVR In HSBC

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Contemporary issues in IVR in HSBC Contemporary issues are the issues faced on the present day and current situation (Reference An IAC Publishing Labs Company, 2016). Contemporary issues in the context of IVR systems in the bank includes customer complaints about IVR system leading to customer dislike towards IVR system. In the current banking scenario most of the customers are not happy with the IVR systems in banks. Therefore, HSBC need to focus on the most pressing contemporary issues in IVR systems. Most nagging issues in IVR system include, IVR system misinterpret the command given by the customer and leads the customer to a mistaken path, dropped calls or the longer duration of waiting period (© 2008 SYS-CON Media Inc., 2016). When a customer calls the call centre with a problem, the customer is already annoyed. If these issues occur during the call customer gets agitated, which leads to disliking the IVR system. For example, if a customer has a complaint about the credit card bill and if IVR system led the customer to checking the account balance or the call dropped because of technical issues. In this case the customer has every moral right to be agitated by the IVR system in place in the bank. Therefore, to avoid these issues in IVR, HSBC needs to check and upgrade the IVR systems timely. One more contemporary issue which irritates the customers is the limited knowledge of call centre executives. This is because, customer gets different answers to the same query

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