Orleanna Price In The Poisonwood Bible

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Throughout one’s life, many circumstances take place that will change the individual forever. In Contending Forces, written by Pauline Hopkins, the author states, “And, after all, our surroundings influence our lives and characters as much as fate, destiny or any supernatural agency.” The character of Orleanna Price in The Poisonwood Bible undergoes sharp changes throughout her journey from a quiet home in Bethlehem, Georgia to the new, unpredictable environment of the Congo. Orleanna alters from a woman who involves herself in the Georgian church community frequently to a woman whose only concern is surviving dangerous and chaotic events the African Congo beholds. Her character’s feelings toward her husband, Nathan Price, wane in terms of …show more content…

Orleanna Price and her husband, Nathan Price, live in a comfy home with their four children. As a devout Christian’s wife, Mrs. Price attends church every Sunday. Mr. Price receives an offer to spread the teachings of the Christian faith as a missionary in the small village of Kilanga in the Belgian Congo. This is not the happiest of news to Orleanna and her daughters for the reason that they must attend the journey as well. Now in the Congo, Orleanna is not the same person as before. “Mother tried to think of every contingency, including hunger and illness (Kingsolver 14).” The mother must care for her family by providing meals and medicine, no longer able to present herself in the church environment. Diseases such as malaria and kakakaka, as the natives call it, are abundant in the homes of the neighbors around the Price family. Later in the novel one of the daughters catches malaria, because she does not take her medicine and this becomes a hassle for Orleanna. When in Georgia, Orleanna has no concern for dangerous diseases such as this, but now she is surrounded by contagious viruses that distract her from the real reason Nathan brings the family along on the mission. Furthermore, the culture of the African Congo influences Orleanna Price in the way that she has no care for her own appearance. Her concern is keeping her children safe. “Mother feared for our lives with fresh vigor (Kingsolver 145).” A mother knows when something is

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