Content Area Teacher Plan Essay

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1. How can content area teachers plan and design instruction so that students will actively engage in literacy- and subject-related activities? I believe that for students to engage in literacy and subject related activities, the teacher must plan to incorporate both domains. Planning to incorporate both domains would require that the content area teacher is aware of what literacy activities are and how they may be used in the classroom. As the teacher must you scaffolding for your students. Many students have trouble handling the conceptual demands inherent in text material when left to their own devices to learn. (Vacca, Vacca, & Mraz) 2. What planning components are involved in explicit strategy instruction? When planning for explicit strategy instruction, I always being with the end in mind, focusing on what strategy that I am hoping to have students learn and I want them to demonstrate that they know how to use it. You also need to pick a strategy to use that is going to accomplish the desired goal. One…show more content…
Having students fully engaged with a text to achieve meaningful learning requires some components be put in place. The text must be on their appropriate instructional reading level, so as not to frustrate them. The students must have the skills to read and then critically analyze the content. To do this, students must usually have scaffolded instruction on how to analyze a text, for example how to make inferences or connect a topic to its real word application. Students also must have the opportunity to discuss with others the text to deepen their understanding by using others points of view to help deepen their own understanding. My students learn best in my social studies lessons when they are able to talk about how the topics relate to their lives and to hear from peers about their experiences. This also provides them with interest in the topic being
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