Content Management Advantages And Disadvantages

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The E-commerce is facilitating several opportunities for businesses all over the world. Online shopping is becoming a refined experience because digital consumers are keen to explore abundant shopping choices that various eCommerce platforms offer. Today, digital consumers mainly rely on various digital platforms to research about their products, find information, compare prices, and make the right buying decision. This means now it becoming very important for companies to understand their consumers, their buying behavior, and to engage them for a long time.

Futurism Technologies Pvt. Ltd. engages it Cogent WebApps eCommerce platform to help enterprises adopt ecommerce and maximize their sales, improve their customer experiences, and minimize
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Cogent provides easy to use features that allow retailers to manage their content effortlessly and create engaging eCommerce websites that can sell more. o Web Content Management: With rapidly growing eCommerce scape, content management becomes a challenging task for most eCommerce managers. Our web content management features help businesses manage content across their eCommerce websites easily. Also, these features help eCommerce managers to ensure that their website remains up to date and in tune with customer’s requirements. They can manage virtual pages, billboards, news, and events, product descriptions, and more. o Catalog Management: Cogent’s catalog management tool enables online and multichannel retailers, wholesalers, and distributors with a centralized system to manage their product information. Cogent’s catalog management features give tools that merchants require to ensure that their product information is accurate, update, and consistent. They can manage product categories, SKUs, products, product features, image galleries, and segment product categories by customer…show more content…
Also, they know how important it has become to optimize their website and build impressive engagement campaigns across various digital media platforms. Cogent’s Digital Marketing features enable retailers and eCommerce managers to optimize their website pages with relevant metadata, analytics code, sitemap generation, breadcrumb trail, and more. Also, they can easily perform social media integration, sell across Facebook, promote RSS feed subscriptions, loyalty programs, and more. o Discounts and Promotions: Price saving is one of the proven and tested strategies of driving sales across the eCommerce store. Our discount and promotion features allow eCommerce managers to promote clearance sales, provide order level, and category level discounts, special discount coupons, email gift certificates and
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