Essay On Content Mobility

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Advances in content mobility have forever changed how society accesses and consumes mass media content and online information. With technology becoming more sophisticated and mobile, the content that is produced in the media has had to change and evolve along with it. Media companies have gone from being hard to access physical copies such as newspapers to being completely free, digital, and available anywhere. Both creators and audiences have changed the ways that they create and view content, as media has become more interactive and allows audiences to become creators themselves. The future of content mobility looks bright, however, there are some aspects of increased mobility that some believe will be detrimental to old media and the attention…show more content…
People can do many things online, from shopping or going to school to watching people eat, and the ability to do so much through one device has made people completely dependent on their phones. This can cause anxiety, loneliness, and depression, along with other mental health problems, as well as cyberbullying. A shocking “three-quarters of people from the age of 18 to 44 sleep with their phones within reach” according to a survey conducted in 2012; this can lead to sleep problems, as the blue light emitted from phones screens causes problems falling asleep and staying in a deep sleep. Phones can also cause separation anxiety caused by the fear of being without a cellular device and loneliness due to the lack of face-to-face contact that has become prevalent in today’s society. In 2014, a study found “that one quarter of people don't have someone close to confide in”, and although it is important to have time in solitude with no distractions, “sharing [...] is not the same as talking” and it is important to spend time with others as well as by yourself. While having a phone is very enjoyable at times, it does pose a significant problem to those who may use it too much, as it is critical to look at something other than a
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