Content Retention In English Language

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U.S. is known as the place of opportunities and education is the biggest way to accomplish one 's dreams but when someone moves to the U.S. from another country not being fluent in English can be a huge barrier to being able to accomplish what one wants, and being successful in the educational system. Therefore, the people who control the education system have set specific standards in order to teach students who are learning the English language. The set standard for students who don 't speak English is supposed to help them to learn English and keep up with the subjects that the other students who speak English are learning and are being tested on. The idea of that is great and should promote both content retention and the development of the English language at an academic level, but that is not happening. This program in theory would very beneficial to a lot of English language learners but the way the course is set up the main focus is not teaching the students content rather than teaching them english. Due to this students are falling behind with learning and don’t have the same opportunities to do as well in school as non ELL students. The bilingual education system doesn 't offer English language learners the same opportunities english speaking students get, the standards for English language learners do not promote their improvement of content retention therefore causing lower test scores, a separation between peers and cause an inequitable system.

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