Contents Of The Dead Man's Pocket By Jack Finney

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Sometimes for some people all most falling to their death, or just pushing their limits maybe the way to show themselves what is most important in life. This is what happens to the main character in "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" by Jack Finney. In the story, Tom goes through ten minutes of pain, guilt, life changes and dangerous obstacles that he over faced about life. In this story Tom Benecke has two choices go with his wife Clare to the movies or stay home and pretend to do some work for his job. He decides to stay home and pretend to do work than rather go with his beautiful wife Clare that had smelled like the perfume she used to the movies. “It was hot in the house”, he said. He opened the window for moment but as usual the window…show more content…
He gave her kiss and a hug but “he was so tempted to go with her” because her perfume was making him wanting to go with her. So she left and he started his pretend work for the night. He had yellow paper with work on it from his job. When the window was open a gust of wind came in and picked up the yellow paper and took it outside onto the ledge. “ It was ridiculous” He had to leave the yellow paper outside that he gather for job So he was all in frantic because the paper was “so called important” and he went out onto the ledge to get the yellow paper. When he got out there on the ledge he was he turned into some robot. He is moving slowly, "Right foot, left foot, right foot, left," and he is "shuffling" trying to not fall and keep him concentrating on his task to get the yellow paper. The he kept from falling he kept "his chest, stomach, and face pressed against the rough, cold brick." When he finally got to the corner where the yellow paper was he had to put his head in the indentation so he can lowered his body toward the paper then he had to lower his…show more content…
He should’ve went with his wife to the movies and not have been or stubborn about his work that he never did. So now he is trying everything in his power to get help. Tom has dropped coins to try to hit or get someone’s attention to help him and has lit three letters on fire he found in his pocket to make flare or some sort signal to get someone’s attention but no one seem to pay him any attention because Tom is New York where people see and hear everything so they’re use to it. Tom couldn’t really scream for help because its New York people don’t pay you any attention. So he sets and thinks for two minutes and he thought how selfless, stubborn, careless and unfaithful he has been toward his wife Clare and his marriage. His marriage with Clare is more important than any work he has to do. Tom now has two choices that he has thought of doing is hit the glass with his hand hard and may get hurt or cut or don’t hit it as hard and the power will bounce him back to his death or badly hurt. So Tom has to make choice. So Tom balls up his fist with all of this power he had and while he was swinging to hit the glass he said, “Clare” and hid fist went right through the glass of the window. Being with Clare his wife is what motivates him now. "He thought of Clare just a wordless yearning thought." Now Clare is his only priority because he knows now that he was being foolish. Tom is very happy now but not because he is in his

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