Personal Narrative: My Relationship With My Husband

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Description Context: Talking about my relationship with my husband, from the time we met all through our current issues. Interaction: I like to believe that my husband and I have a great relationship, like every normal couple, we do have our ups and downs. When we first met, we instantly clicked, I felt like I had known him for years. I had never felt a connection like this before even with my ex-husband. When we first met we lived across from one another on North Camp, in Sinai, Egypt. The feelings that we had for each other is what made our relationship work. We did everything possible to be able to see each other even when we weren’t suppose too. He would often have to work late plenty of nights so it would cut our time short during the…show more content…
He was their on a one year rotation and I was there for nine months. At the time I was working at the Battalion S-1. He was working in one of the sub-units below my battalion. When we first met he came up to the Battalion to drop off some paper work to me so I could process it for his unit. When we first started communicating it was just as co-workers nothing out of the ordinary. One mysteriously night I needed my gear out of the Battalion, but I was afraid to go in the building by myself. So I hit him up on Facebook and ask if he mind walking with me. He said he didn’t mind. Which I thought was very kind because he didn’t have too. As time went by we would message each other literally every day on Facebook for about 3 weeks. Everything felt so perfect. Until I had to go home on emergency leave for the passing of my grandmother. During the time while I was on leave we decided we wanted to take it to the next level. He was so anxious for me to arrive back on camp. Once I got back to camp that weekend we spent our weekend watching The Grim together. It was a perfect moment no interruptions just him and myself. From the time I left we tried to see each other as much as we could. This is where THE NATURE OF THE SEPARATION comes in. Being that we had no control over our place of living we still try to make the spark ignite in our relationship by doing little things that matter to one another. Whether it’s a…show more content…
This caused me to be more logic about the situation and knew I wanted this to work. I spoke with him and made it known to him we had to make sacrifices for our relationship. The way we were operating as a couple due to our distance wasn’t healthy for the relationship. Until, it was this last time we had this big argument about the infidelity again for hours and hours until I stated, “I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore”. I was angry at him for always making that a constant reminder. I went a week without speaking to him. He would send me messages and would call and I wouldn’t respond. I was sick of it. Here is where the RESPONDING WITH FORGIVENESS comes in. One day I decide to respond and let him know how I felt. He knew at that point once I said that it was going to be hard to get me back. I told him how I felt about being talked down about the same situation. He goes on to break down about how much he loved me and he don’t want to ever lose me. That moment I felt like his apology was sincere. Since that day we never discuss the infidelity issues because he knew he would of have loss what we

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