Public Health Nursing Essay

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Contextual Project on Public Health Management 1. Concept of Public Health nursing Public Health Nursing is the science and art preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical and mental health and efficiency through organized community effort toward a sanitary environment (Basavantappa 2008). Public health nurse deals with health promotion and prevention by identifying risk population and initiate ways of prevent such identity risk. Broadly public health nursing covers the care of an individual’s families and community as a whole in terms of epidemiology and policies for healthy action. Health is not static is dynamic therefore human being has to adjust to their environment. Good health empower society act in a productive manner that affect…show more content…
2.3 Professional Context: It is important for me to do more skillful and be competent in my quality of care rendered to my patient. Professional must ensure that my record is accurate and accessible, reliable since it serves as useful information for quality of care rendered. 2.4 Current Research on Quality control in Nursing Jack Needleman and Susan Hassmilter (2009) stated that, hospital need to integrate their work to improve quality and patient-centeredness and to increase the efficiency of care delivery. Nurses and other front line staff must play key roles. To benefit from the insight and input of these staff members, hospital will need to value their potential contributing shifting their vision of nursing from being a cost center to being critical service line. Getting nurses and other front-line staff actively involved in efforts to simultaneously improve hospital quality and increase efficiency will require action both within institutions and by those who measure their quality and pay for their
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