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The following is a reflection paper adressing several key areas in this course I believe has helped me to devlep both personally and professonaly. Briefly describe the relationship between message and context, including cultural context. I believe there is definitetly a relationship between a message and its context. From what I have learned, is that a message is what we say or write. The ontext is the meaning of that message. You can not have a message with out its context. There is always a meaning to your message. It may be perceived diffferently by other cultures, for example, but there is always a meaning to a message. I have learned in this course what I say can be interpreted differently, especially, by other cultures. Different…show more content…
Quantitative is the human element of communication research. Quantitative is the data or statistics of communication reserach. For qualitiatve communication research to be creditble, you need to have several studies complettely by many different indiviudals. For example, you must complete a number of interviews or observation studies for the research to be credible. There just can't be one done. It should also be reviewed by experts to verifty the studies to also make it credible communication research. For quanitiative communication research to be credible, you also need to have more than just one piece of data. There needs to be many different data compliled, and again, reviewed by experts for it to be creditbale communication…show more content…
Briefly explain lessons learned in producing your infographic that you can apply to your communication praxis. (theory and practice) I enjoyed learning how to create an infographic and do believe there are several lessons learned in producing your infographic that I can apply to my practice of communiation. First, I believe using a graphic with words and images is a great way to get my message accross to my target audience. Second, I believe that a one page compilation of my message is much more powerful, than just spoken or written words. Third, you can state a claim or a message in a few words that get the point accross or you can just have visuals that would do the same. I think they are a viable and vital part of the message you are tyring to commmunciate, and you will be able to do that more clearly and concisely with an infographic. Provide a brief overview of the value of participating in advocacy in your field. I also enjoyed particpaiting in the advocacy groups, and do believe it can be valubable in my future as an adjunct professor at my

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