Contextual Analysis Of Hans Riegel's Gummies

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Contextual Analysis Paper Hans Riegel Sr. was the founder/inventor of one of the best candies in the word. He invented Gummies. He created gummies in 1922. Other trends throughout this year is fashion. Some great fashion were; All Wool Velour Suit, Broadcloth dress, Chesterfield coat, etc. During this year the price from gas went from 30 cents in 1920 to 21 cents in 1929. In 1920, the price of bread went from 12 cents in 1920 to 9 cents by 1925. Milk went from 33 cents a ½ a gallon in 1920 to 28 cent by 1925. Another great trend in this year was the 1922 Packard Twin Six Model 3-35 Special Runabout. Hans Riegel Sr. lived in Germany, where his great product was invented. Although many different things also occurred in his hometown.

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