Continent Exploration Worksheet

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Continent Exploration Worksheet
1. Which country in your continent has the highest population?
The continent I’m working on is South America. The country with the highest population in South America it’s Brazil with 204,259,812 inhabitants and is located on the sixth spot on the world’s comparison chart (TheWorldfactBook).
2. Which country in your continent has the largest city? What is the city?
Sao Paulo has the largest city in South America situated in Brazil (TheWorldFactbook).
3. Which country in your continent has an interesting history in your opinion and why?
Argentina was conquered by Spain along the XVI century, starting in 1516. The word comes from the Latin “argentum” which means silver. The origin of this name goes back to the
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South America it 's not an exception. After the crisis in 1970 through 1980 a lot of South American countries turned to International Banks for borrowing money, interest rates increased, making it hard for the borrowing countries to pay back, now the majority of South American countries are sunk into big debts. (TheWorldfactBook)
6. What are some current environmental concerns or challenges faced on your continent? What are they and which country or countries are affected?
Some of the environmental concerns that face South America are deforestation and pollution. Brazil is between the five countries with the largest forest. "Brazil 's case has been great and this is mainly because there is a political goal to reduce deforestation by 80% by 2020 which is supported by the president" according to Loyche Mette Wilkie, coordinator of the report she is the Director of Division of Environmental Policy Implementation (DEPI) of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).
In a study, published in the journal Nature in January, showed that the combination of agriculture, deforestation and climate change are weakening the Amazonian ecosystem, which can lead to the loss of its ability to retain carbon dioxide and generation of rain not only affecting Brazil but also their neighbors, Argentina, Uruguay and
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Most of this country has a deficient health care system. That is the biggest challenge the majority has. There is an inequality in health services in rural regions; they need to develop plans that are beneficial to a variety of lifestyles since there is a big population living in rural areas where a health care system is not available. They must work to help placing medical workers throughout all their regions. The major issue most of the time is not lack of money but rather the distribution. (G. e. al)
8. Which country in your continent has interesting cultural traditions? What are they? Write a few sentences describing at least three of these.
Arriving late to a social gathering is quite a tradition in South America. If dinner will be served at 9:00 PM, guests are expected to arrive around 9:15 or even as late as 9:30. Arriving on time or earlier could mean catching the host unprepared, and the guest will be considered as “too eager” for a meal. Arriving 15–20 minutes or later is considered to be “on time”.(Rodriguez)
Carnival at Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most famous traditions that takes place in Brazil every year. It is celebrated forty days before Easter. The celebration highlights the parade of samba schools. All of them prepared during the year for the parade they dance, dress and build the most beautiful floats for the event and compete to get the title of champions. (M. e.

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