Continental Airlines Business Intelligence System

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As per figure 1 above Data warehouses and data marts first appeared to provide a centralized system for accessing data and making tactical decisions. Such systems were considered as to fall under the classification of BI. The main goal of a business intelligence system is to support the decision making process. A BI system can be defined as a process of turning data first into information and then into knowledge‘(Golfarelli, Rizzi, & Cella, 2004, p.1). A BI system provides managers and executives with in-depth information and a systematic understanding of an organization‘s operations (Thierauf, 2001). BI systems helps in identifying problems encountered in any project and provides an analysis related to any variant in the project (Olszak & Ziemba, 2006).…show more content…
The main problem faced by the company was the information flow between the different departments in the organization. There was no specific system to keep track of historical data and analyse them. Continental Airlines required a system to consolidate the data from different departments at a higher level, which would make accurate information available throughout the organization. The main goal of the company was to make data available in an integrated and consolidated manner to the users, processes and applications. The solution adopted by the company was to implement a BI system. As a result of the implementation of the BI system, Continental Airlines realized several benefits as listed below (Davis,

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