Contingency Approach To Management

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The 20th era was a time of boundless modification in management classes, before the 20th era there was no genuine awareness of management classes. Starting the technical management rebellion over total quality management and management by purposes, countless approaches were developed to growth member of staff efficiency, and diminish price and employees gross revenue.
These dissimilarities were focused in portion by fluctuations in the employees, the changeover from the industrialized phase to the electronic phase to the information and material phase, an abundant agreement of modification in administration classes were focused by the information of authority, motivation that was encouraged on by corresponding development in the fields of psychology and social science.
We have studied following types of approaches in management. Classical approach, management approach, cognitive approach, bureaucratic approach, system approach and administrative approach

Q#1) How Would You Describe Your Management Style?
I describe my management style as the contingency approach to management; it holds the management practices that must be dependent upon the situation. My style is grounded on the management efficiency which is dependent.
Q#2) How can this management style be classified?
My management style of contingency approach can be classified as the basic foundation of eventuality. There are exterior and interior limitations that

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