Continuin Continuing Competence

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High quality, accessible, and patient care which is considered to be patient-centered is crucial for quick and quality recovery (Wilkinson, 2012). Plans require visions that involve the creation of interprofessional competencies by students who are planning to take up nursing as their profession. Providing such skills to students will ensure that they get into the workforce ready to engage in the effective creation of teamwork and even team-based care (Eastman, 2010). My current station of work is an example where continuing competence is to build on each professional nurse. They are expected to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration so as to ensure best practices are adhered to. Some of the required competency skills are taught within the professions.…show more content…
It is done by measuring the ongoing commitment of a registered nurse in his or her capacity to apply and integrate the skills, knowledge, and judgment with the values and attitudes required for the practice of ethical, safe, and effective measures to help patients (Eastman, 2010). At times measurement is done objectively based on the roles that they play. And how effective their results are. The evaluation is sensitive to situations and context. Competency in several cases can only be observed by an individual’s way of handling his or her duties. Measurement can also be done, but in the end, most health outcomes are the effort of a team and not an
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