Continuing Care Assistant Reflective Essay

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During my course with NSCC, where I am studying to become a Continuing Care Assistant. Each student is required to work in a continuing care facility alongside other health care providers for a month. I attended skills development placement at Harbour View Lodge located in Sheet Harbour. This placement has given me the opportunity to apply my knowledge, and skills that I have studied and practiced in the classroom. When entering the facility the first week I felt nervous and excited at the same time. During the second week, I was feeling more comfortable and confident working closely with the other health care providers and residents in the facility. The most interesting and enjoyable part of my time at the facility was caring and assisting…show more content…
My first assigned resident was this sweet lady resident who was no longer mobile, confined to her bed and chair. She didn't have much of an appetite at times and the family was always concerned about her intake. Working as a CCA involves interacting with the resident and taking an interest in their simple pleasures of their activities of everyday living. This lady's simple pleasures included watching television, her television was set on the news channel most of the time and she didn't seem very interested. I decided one day I would suggest changing the channel, with her approval I changed the channel to the food channel. She became very interested in what the people were preparing and started talking about different foods she had liked to cook. Dinner time I immediately noticed a change in her appetite and she surprised me when she asked for seconds. The family was very pleased to here she had a good appetite. After explaining to the family what channel her and I had watched that day, the family made sure they noted it in her book of favorite channels to watch. I was happy that I was of help and the family was very appreciative. I understand working as a CCA will be challenging, very rewarding and at times tough. My goal is to continue learning by way of study, do practical training and meet or exceed all the challenges that come with the CCA course. My goal is to use all the
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