Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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Continuing Professional Development(CPD) "The definition of CPD in general is continual learning, regardless of age or seniority, which focuses on professional competency in a professional role. Its aim is to improve personal performance and enhance career progression". (UK Essays. November 2013) According to UK Essays website, It's plan to continual learning to improve employee performance CPD is a plan to develop yourself to improve your skills and knowledge you make in yourself. The experts at human development field will continue developing and will be knowledgeable at work because of the continuing professional development (CPD) support, that’s very remarkable for both companies and employees to pick CPD. Counting professional development…show more content…
I can learn about report writing by attending course in Tylos Human Development Institute. - Recruitment and Selection Interview Skills I need to learn how I can comprehend the value of magnetizing employees and generating valid work characteristics. And to understand the body language of the interviewee. I can learn about Recruitment and Selection Interview Skills by attending course in Tylos Human Development Institute and attending exhibition. - Bahrain labor low I need to learn more about the premature termination of the contract and arbitrary dismissal and its effects, rights of working women. I can learn that by reading (LAW NO. 36 OF 2012, PROMULGATING - THE LABOUR LAW FOR THE PRIVATE SECTOR) and watching YouTube. - Communication at Work I need to learn about Identify and Practice different body language, enhance my ability to handle difficult situations and deal with situations assertively. Plus, enhance English language…show more content…
3 Bahrain labor low Reading (LAW NO. 36 OF 2012, PROMULGATING - THE LABOUR LAW FOR THE PRIVATE SECTOR) and watching YouTube 1/10/2017 TO 2/11/2017 I’m able to assist the management in the preparation of the regulations for the statute, sanctions and decades work based on the labor law for the private sector 4 Communication at Work Attending workshops 27/11/2017 TO 6/12/2017 distinguish between different approaches to our relationships with others, mystery, structural, sympathy supportive, to avoid the miscommunication with the employees After finished my CPD plan, I have reached my objective was I put before start applied CPD Map. I know more about Report Writing, Recruitment and Selection Interview Skills, Bahrain labor low and Communication at Work. which will increase my performance at work. The four important standers of creating a continuing professional development (CPD) plan as
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