Continuing Professional Development Essay

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In an uncertain world, competence is greater than just behaviours, skills and knowledge used in improving performance. Notably, development and learning are mandatory in achieving a continuous competence. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to a way in which midwives and nurses improve, maintain and broaden their expertise, ability, and knowledge and develop professional and personal qualities necessary during their professional career (Jeffery et al., 2016). CPD is hugely significant in health care system in ensuring continuous competence to protect the public. Also, CPD cycle involves reviewing practices hence nurses and midwives have a mandate to keep records which are used randomly by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) for auditing. Therefore, NMBA sets specific requirements which include the number of hours the nurses and midwives have to adhere to for professional development. Additionally, Mahara ePortfolio can be used as an evidence of CPD as it keeps data. Besides, NMBA outlines specific requirements for Continuing…show more content…
Therefore, filling of record information of the year activities makes it easy to keep the CPD track. Mahara ePortfolio invented in 2010 helps in keeping records of newly graduated nurse and enable their assessment. CPD documentation involves details such as outcomes, dates and hours spent on a particular activity. Mahara plugin permits maintenance of CPD activities. It has fields where a nurse can include title, time spent (hours), CPD activity description, end date, start date, and location. Therefore, Mahara allows nurses to have numerous occurrences of CPD and hence ensuring continuous recording of competency of nurses as well as professional development. Also, Mahara allows calculation of entire time spends on CPD hence it can be used as an evidence of

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