Continuous Process Improvement

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Continuous improvements are the ongoing actions that a company undergo in order to improve their products, services or processes. The Army implements different tactics and systems depending on the branch, and the specific Military Occupational Specialties, all to improve the support for the warfighter customer. Working in the Logistics field for over 14 years I have experience different tactics, tools, and executed innovative ways in order to continue improve the branch. For the past several years property accountability has been the main focus within the field. For more than a decade the Army was at war, the high operational turnover of property and personnel caused the Army to lose focus on property accountability costing the Army billions…show more content…
The director of Army Acquisition Command Operations, J.R. Richardson once said; "The goal of the CPI program is to document, analyze, and improve all of our processes, measure our success along the way and to take the organization to increasingly higher levels of performance. High performing organizations improve employee morale and customer satisfaction," (Scott, 2014). The CPI is a widely use program within the different branches of the Army; for the Logistics’ field there are several key subprograms that falls under this big umbrella. For instance, the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP); another one is the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) certifications, and the Total Army Quality Program…show more content…
This program includes; staff assistance visits, where the staff evaluates an organization, and assists in improving procedures ____with in their command. In addition, even though this is considered a program, is more of a ____ to help establish a culture of supply discipline across the Army by standardized and continuous training. For example, mandatory training, and certification levels according to rank, and position are some of the requirements that continuous improvements address in the efforts to sustain a culture of

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