Importance Of Continuous Professional Development In Nursing

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Continuous professional development (CPD) has beed introduced in Malaysia since 2008 to meet improved self-development and health care services among nurses. Being a nurse, when we take parts of activities of CPD, we nurses could apply the knowledge we have by treating patient by doing nursing care. From continuous professional development we would be exposed and knows the barriers to its progress and its impact on nursing practice or nursing proffesionalism. Continuous professional development (CPD) is an important tool in improving the nurse’s knowledge regarding patient’s health. It is a process of learning of to keep up to date with current practices in nursing practices. According to (Aris, Ioanna and Eleni 2010) to maintain and improvement…show more content…
The course organisers should ensure a reasonable fee is charged when organising courses. Whoever is organising courses should look into the costs so that the participant can afford it. I realized that nowdays the courses usually exceed more than RM500. Only few would be able to attend, unless it is paid for by the organization or being sponsered. For me, the course organisers shouldn’t make extra profit from CPD courses. Imagine if one have to pay RM1500 for a three-day course. For the junior nurse who are only earning between RM1000 to RM2000 they couldn’t afford. This will take away more than half of their salary and because of this they not able to attend CPD…show more content…
Through CPD that professionals development undergo a process of educational activities to maintain and improve nurses competency towards a career goal (Pool 2015). Throughout my own experience in my working life, what I learnt in the theories I applied in the practical. We demonstrated understanding of the concept of CPD as a process of lifelong learning and a platform for nursing to gain new knowledge throughout our working life. I believe that CPD activities have been a pathway among nurse to develop critical thinking and become reflective in our practice due to the new knowledge that improved our self-confidence. In some organisations, for example, in the Ministry of Health, the staff are awarded credit points to meet the department’s key performance indicators (KPI) that can be translated into recognition and salary advancement (Bloom,
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