Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

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1 posts Re:Topic 5 DQ 2 Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a strategic approach to providing the best healthcare possible. It is a preventative strategy that uses constant innovation to improve work processes and systems by reducing time-consuming, low-value activities. Time that was once spent on rework and crisis management is now spent on planning, coordination and control. As a nurse manager, one of my duties is to map out a sustainable plan that is efficient and effective enough to help my organization face the issues of performance and quality of care (Ballard, 2010). By implementing CQI, I will form a team that can help me to identify problems and challenges towards achieving effective and result oriented healthcare. This quality improvement team will be responsible for implementing, documenting, monitoring and evaluating the improvement plan. Responsibilities are then assigned to the members of this team. Then I will delineate scope of care and service, and one method of doing this is to identify the organizations key governance, managerial, clinical, and support functions. All departments and services should be made to contribute to this delineation of key functions. Using the scope of care and services as a basis, the ones that are important for ongoing monitoring shall be selected by those who are experts in the areas under consideration. Indicators which can be used to monitor care and services are identified and monitored by knowledgeable staff in the particular area. Threshold will be established for each indicator to determine when…show more content…
The access team continues to the monitoring and assessment of central line care in the unit. The findings for improvement are then communicated to the unit staff, patients, and the organization’s quality improvement plan team (Renal Network,
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