The Importance Of Reflection In Education

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In education, when developing a coherent and operative instruction for student success, it is imperative to ensure that the such educator can effectively reflect on their philosophical practice as a professional educator within their current grade level. By doing so will allow such educators to maintain supportive, cooperative relationships with professional colleagues and collaborates to support students learning and to achieve campus and districts goals. Reflecting on ones practice will also enable educators to become knowledgeable of the roles and responsibilities of specialists and other professionals within the building and district level. When creating a pathway toward enhancing your reflective practice as a professional educator, it…show more content…
It not only allows for you to reflect on yourself within a certain timeframe or period, but the ability to reflect amongst yourself continually. The continuum of reflection is a access tool that allows us to concurrently recognize the manner in which we as educators presently reflect and most importantly, guide us to deliver the modified, distinguished support that we all need to grow as educators. Reflecting on my daily log will allow me to do such things. When I initially started the daily log, I was cautious about what to put and how to put it. I started my daily log by saying things such as “As I reflect on my profession today, I realized that I have no control over other actions of others. Today, I encountered a negative vibe with people whom which I thought I could trust in my work community. Every time an issue occurs, I am always the blame, without any notification or warning. As I end my day, I know that there are certain people in which I should trust as well as people whom I should not trust. I will now begin to analyze my surroundings within my workplace” (1/22/2018). In the beginning, I was unaware on the fact that reflection, plays a major role in my life as a professional. As I proceeded with the course and learned more things about a reflective practitioner, I became more profound in my daily logs, as they were a way for me to personally reflect on my profession and most of all, learn from myself. I ended my daily log with a reflection stating “Today was one of the best days of school so far. Not only was it Friday, but it was the last day prior to spring break. I did surprise my students with the movie and I successfully connected today’s objective “theme” towards the activity that occurred within my classroom today. Both me and my students loved how today’s lesson went. I will continue to look for ways to enhance my students motivational level towards the

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